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Wandering reizigers

About me

The employee

After my studies in Civil Engineering, I worked for 10 years at Rijkswaterstaat in Arnhem as a civil technical engineer, Municipality of Enschede, Caliber Art School in Enschede and CultuurSchakel in The Hague. Since 2009 I have my own company Clever Input with which I mainly supervised children and teenagers until 2019 to get the best out of themselves.


The pianist

I took piano lessons from an early age. I accompanied various choirs, made compositions and arrangements, played in orchestras and pop bands. I like to play masterpieces by great composers like Chopin and Liszt, but also Latin and pop. I have been able to perform on many (inter) national stages.

The athlete

In my youth I swam fanatically. Competitive swimming has taught me a lot about myself. I participated in many (inter) national championships.

The intensive and hard training have taught me a lot about 'people', dealing with pressure, the importance of discipline, dealing with fear, dealing with disappointment and the importance of a positive mindset.

The dancer

In my youth I was a fan of Breakdance, successfully participated in all kinds of competitions, and performed for various occasions. From 2001 I immersed myself in other dance styles of Urban Dance: street dance and salsa. Together with my partner Janne Heier I have performed a lot at home and abroad - with homemade choreographies.

The teacher

Since 1999 to 2018, I have given an average of twenty workshops / lessons per week at different schools and institutions; I used these educational music and dance lessons to positively influence the students to get the best out of themselves. I coached many teenagers in participating in all kinds of competitions at home and abroad. I have made choreographies for small projects but also for theater productions that are performed at home and abroad.

The thinker

I like to think about life, I read books about psychology and philosophy. From an early age I have been interested in 'the human being'; observing people is my hobby. I am convinced that people can largely determine their own happiness. In daily life I try to help others experience more happiness.

The motivator

I am inspired by people in my environment. Partly because of the results that some teachers and coaches brought to my surface, I have recognized the value of an inspiring approach. The various disciplines I am interested in have enabled me to develop my own vision on generally applicable principles in life.

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