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Coaching involves an internal learning process that the client determines himself. A client who is asked by an employer to be coached on a particular issue ultimately determines whether and on what he or she wants to be coached. Good coaching stands or falls with the motivation of the client.

As a coach I am focused on the client's coaching goals - or change needs. I work from the current state of the client to the desired goals through the coaching process.

Conversation between Colleagues

Grow model

Clearly setting the goals for the coaching is an important condition in order to be able to (effectively) organize the coaching process. During coaching, I use the Grow model to go through the different phases that focus on:

Formulate goals
Investigate reality
List options
Create action plan

In addition, I use different models, coaching tools and theories to provide the best possible service to the client.

Grow model

There are quite a few approaches when it comes to coaching. I mainly use the solution-oriented approach. This means that I always help the client shine a flashlight on what is already working properly.

Practice has shown that this method quickly and in a friendly way brings people into a positive spiral of thinking, feeling and doing.

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