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In 2010 Rudsel launched his first book 'Het vergeten vak' (published by Aspekt) in which he shared his vision about human development and a successful life. This book is sold in the Netherlands, Belgium, Curaçao, Aruba and Bonaire.

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This book 'Self Improvement Training' contains proven steps and strategies on how to train yourself and build an awesome life.
So what does it take to have an awesome life? The short answer is you need to make the time to improve yourself. Just as tree experts spend a lot of time sharpening their axe so that their tree cutting exercise can be successful, that’s the same way you need to spend a lot of time improving yourself to achieve great success in life.
In this guide, Rudsel will show you how you can develop yourself and live the kind of life you desire.

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In 'Write it Down' you will find out that your mind possesses unimaginable power, which if you harness can help you bring exactly the change in your life you wish to see and become the finest version of yourself.
This is exactly all the successful people across the globe do. While you may think they have a secret magic wand that enables them to achieve their goals, the magic lies in their mind and they simply discipline themselves to channel that magic.

But how is it that you can do that? How can you attract and draw your goals towards yourself and build an accomplished life for yourself? The law of attraction assists you do just that and this book is here to help you out in that endeavor.
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Everything in our universe vibrates at a certain frequency and is composed of energy!

Your emotions and feelings make up your emotional state and that emotional state is full of energy vibrating at a certain frequency. Your emotional state influences your thoughts, attitude, behavior and decisions, which obviously shapes your life.

To manifest what you want in life, you can easily harness the unimaginable power of the law of attraction. You just need to get your energy and thoughts in tune with the universe, know what you want and repeatedly ask for it, and obviously take meaningful actions to draw those things towards yourself. It will take you some time, but eventually you will have everything you ever wanted right in front of your eyes.  This book helps you apply the law of attraction effectively.

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Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve!

Your mind is your biggest asset and tool, and if you use it properly and exploit its full potential, you can actually achieve any goal you set your eyes on. You are capable of incredible success and you can have it all. You just need to think positive to draw good things your way and exploit the law of attraction (LOA).
Your positive thoughts will draw positive experiences your way and eventually help you become successful in life. That said, in some situations the LOA does not work for certain people.

As sad as that sounds, there is science backing this problem as well. This book will delve deeper into what may obstruct the path of the LOA and how you can overcome those blocks to harness the power of the LOA effectively.
Your thoughts are the architects of your destiny!

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The menswear collection of Alex Vando is one of Rudsel's favourites. If you are interested in this fresh and unique collection with a touch of European flair, you can purchase your clothing 

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